Vitor Reis

This is my personal blog, where I share about the people I meet, the books I'm reading, and what I'm learning. Esse é meu blog pessoal, onde eu compartilho sobre as pessoas que conheço, os livros que estou lendo, e as coisas que estou apreendendo.


Vitor Reis

Hello, my name is Vitor. I am Software Engineer at Delivery Hero, I like to try new technologies and develop new projects. Nowadays I live and work in Berlin, Germany.

18076451_10209742993797011_2132551824120533404_oI consider myself a lucky person because my “work” touches everything that I love. Software Engineering it’s a good definition for what I do, things like programming, analysis, documentation, specification and development tech projects, I spent a lot of time learning new technologies (part of my job). I love to be part of projects which I have the opportunity to reach a big amount of people, because of this I have considered following an academic career when I was admitted to the program of bioengineering at the University of São Paulo in 2014, however I choose to focus on the corporate business at first and I moved to the big capitals with a vibrant entrepreneurship and innovation scene. I always enjoyed to write and to make it in a more useful way I created this blog, here I can write and share about the things I learn, people I meet, places that I visit and my point of view.

Occasionally I play to be a musician and I get together with friends to make music. Between 2010 and 2014 I had a project called outstand with a few friends, due to the tight schedule of everyone we couldn’t proceed with the project for longer, but we kept the friendship and the cd that we recorded in a studio.

In love with communication, I used the opportunity at my university to join the group of theater, which I was member between 2011 and 2014 acting in 4 projects.

I learn new things, meeting new people, having experiences, developing ideas that occur to me, one day one will become a product!

If you would like that I advise on your project, speak at your event, write a publication, or even just say a “Hi” don’t hesitate to get in touch via email.



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  1. olá Vitor, preciso desenvolver um aplicativo para kinect e gostaria de falar com você por favor me forneça o seu fone fixo ou mail para que possamos conversar, caso tenhas interesse.


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