Vitor Reis

Hello, my name is Vitor. I am Software Engineer at Delivery Hero focused on business solutions. At the moment I’m based in Berlin, Germany.


I grew up in Ribeirão Preto, São Paulo, at the age of 18 I joined the Computer Science program at the University in my hometown. My teachers at college opened my mind to a world of opportunities in the technology world. After having worked in companies of small and medium size in my hometown I relocated to São Paulo to work in the modernization of the biggest bank in latin-america towards SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) working at the Software Architecture team at Hewlett-Packard, after this project I joined the Rocket Internet Group in São Paulo and relocated to Berlin, Germany where nowadays I support Delivery Hero as Software Engineering Manager.

I always enjoyed to write and to make it in a more useful way I created this blog, where I write about the things I learn, people I meet and places that I visit.

Professional & Education

I’m working in tech since 2010, when I joined the Computer Science program at my local University, the contact with teachers and students that already worked on the field gave me a big boost on interest in the area and I quickly joined an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software house as a junior helpdesk analyst, after showing an outstanding performance and domain of SQL and read the book Microsoft Visual C# 2010 Step by Step from John Sharp’s I was invited to become a developer in early 2011.

The Microsoft Era

I became a Microsoft Certified Developer and continued with ERP sofware focused in the Medicaments industry until mid 2012 and in the Retail/Finance industry until mid 2013. After this I changed completely industry and joined the british multinational Pearson developing educational technology, more specifically a web application for teachers and students to track exercises, students scores and educational content.

In 2014 after I already had my degree in hands I had to choose between continuing in the academic career or in the private sector tech industry, I declined the offer to join the Master of Bioengineering program of University of São Paulo and relocated to São Paulo to work for Hewlett-Packard in their biggest project in latam (2014/2015) the migration of mainframe software towards a modern service-oriented architecture, after showing great performance in the first months I was selected to join their Software Architecture team as one of the Software Engineers developing a solution to automate the migration of features, part of the automation would require the automatic generation of interfaces using AngularJS, this was the moment that I started to dig into open source and other platforms.

Rock Internet and Relocation to Germany

When the project at Hewlett-Packard was at the final stage I was contacted by the recruiters of Rocket Internet in São Paulo and invited to join the company leading a team which did integrations between local partners in latam with their global platform. After the key integrations were done (6 months) they offered me to relocate to Berlin to work in their new team focused on developing solutions for the logistics segment in Delivery Hero. Since the end of 2015 I’ve been working in their tech & product of logistics as Software Engineer developing solutions that are used in over 40 countries.

Currently I act as Software Engineering Manager, managing a geographically distributed cross-functional team, working most of the time with Javascript, ReactJs, Ruby, Java, Terraform, Kubernetes, AWS Services.


Occasionally I get together with friends to make music. Between 2010 and 2014 I had a project called outstand with a few friends, due to the tight schedule of everyone we couldn’t proceed with the project for longer, but we kept the friendship and the album that we recorded in a studio.

In love with communication, I used the opportunity at my university to join the group of theater, which I was member between 2011 and 2014 acting in 4 projects, from time to time I act as a model for Delivery Hero campaigns.

Final words

If you would like that I advise on your project, speak at your event, write a publication, or even just say a “Hi” don’t hesitate to get in touch via email.



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  1. olá Vitor, preciso desenvolver um aplicativo para kinect e gostaria de falar com você por favor me forneça o seu fone fixo ou mail para que possamos conversar, caso tenhas interesse.


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